Jasmine organized a birthday party in the United States

Жасмин организовала день рождения в США
The other day, congratulations in honor of the anniversary has hosted a popular singer Jasmine, who was 40 years old.

Жасмин организовала день рождения в США

The singer has decided not to collect a large number of guests at the birthday party, making the choice in favor bachelorette party with your closest friends. Jasmine went to the United States and enjoys exploring new York.

Жасмин организовала день рождения в США

“For a long time, watching American movies, I cherished a dream — to get into one fabulous American city and plunge into the crazy atmosphere!” — told the singer in his microblog.

Apparently children Jasmine remained in Russia, she decided to relax in the company of only friends. Meanwhile, the husband Ilan Shor is sitting in jail because of allegations of fraud.

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