Jasmine on the birth of a son: “Such joy to hold him in my arms”

Жасмин о рождении сына: «Такая радость – держать его на руках» The popular singer gave her husband an heir. Today Jasmine became a mother for the third time. The artist and her newborn baby are doing fine.

      Жасмин о рождении сына: «Такая радость – держать его на руках»

      Popular singer Jasmine became a mother for the third time. Now in the family of the actress with her husband Ilan Shor has another child. The celebrity gave birth to a boy in one of capital clinics. Now a newborn baby and her mother are feeling fine.

      “That was what I was waiting for a long nine months! Today was born a wonderful kid named Myron! Such joy to hold him and to admire this small, but great happiness! Ahead of us is so many discoveries, so many new and interesting! Thank you to all who have supported me all this time! We are all well, fine and wonderful.” – shared emotions with Jasmine “Stricom”.

      The boy was born weighing 3,350 kilograms and 54 centimeters. Friends, colleagues and fans rushing to congratulate new mommy with the birth of the child.

      I wonder what Jasmine throughout the pregnancy concealed the sex of the baby not only from the public but from his family. However, the couple knew in advance that regardless of, whether born a boy or girl, the child’s name will begin with the letter “M”. Long before the birth of the baby decided to name Myron, was my grandfather on my father’s side.

      We will remind that all in the family actress was expecting a child. Daughter Margarita literally counting the days until the birth of a brother or sister. By the way, Paul the long-awaited crumbs Jasmine does not speak even to her husband. Four of Devochka looking forward to playing with the baby, and therefore asks his mother to give birth as soon as possible.

      “Margarita every day asking when the baby gets here. Complains: “I’m so tired of waiting!” Sometimes putting her to bed in the afternoon to sleep or read bedtime stories, the baby’s kicking, and she immediately jumps up: “Give me touch! And what does he do?” Answer: “says hi”. Then she lies on her stomach and tells him: “I’m waiting, my name is Margarita, I’m your sister.” It’s very touching,” said the singer.

      Unlike many other stars, Jasmine decided not to take a wife for the delivery, as it believes that nerves men can not stand. Pregnancy stars leaked a little harder than the previous two. She experienced all the delights of morning sickness. She felt a terrible weakness, headache and changed taste preferences. Jasmine dreamt of sauerkraut and cucumbers.

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