Jasmine: “On a routine inspection I was told that I already give birth”

Жасмин: «На плановом осмотре мне сказали, что я уже рожаю»
The singer told 7days.ru like gave birth prematurely.


Photo: Philip Goncharov

Jasmine, which on Monday became a mother for the third time, admitted that until recently did not know the exact date of delivery. It was known only that happy event will happen at the end of April. But the fact that the baby decides to be born the week before
the appointed time, no one imagined.

“By decision of the doctor, the baby had to be born by caesarean section, was already set the date — said 7days.ru singer. — Yesterday, April 25, I
felt not very good, but before we went to the clinic for a checkup, continued to go about their usual business. But at the reception I heard astonished: “Yes you did you give birth! That’s the story!” In General, Myron wanted
be born early, and in a natural way! Actually, I and itself wanted,
but after two caesarean doctors forbade me to think about it. And then a small
the man himself decided, as properly!”

By the way, Jasmine argues that her
daughter Margarita prophesied birth in Monday, April 25. “On the eve of Monday Margarita all asked me,
when will have a brother. I answered that at the end of the week she would be able
to look at it and even hold in hands. And she answer me: “why not Monday? Want to
Monday, he was already with us.” I then laughed at her persistence and
attributed this to the fact that Monday is her favorite day! says Jasmine. — As it turned out, it as in water looked!
And when the baby is born and Margarita came to see
brother, a few minutes never took my eyes off him not saying a word. Then
said: “How sweet it is, isn’t it?” And when he left home, wanted to take it with

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