Jasmine is torn between her three children

Жасмин разрывается между тремя детьми In April, the family of the singer and her husband Ilan was born the third child, a boy Myron. The star told how her older children, Michael and Margaret, saw the arrival of a baby brother born. She was worried that they would be jealous of her to the baby, but nothing happened. According to singer, it is very difficult to simultaneously engage all the children.

      Жасмин разрывается между тремя детьми

      Jasmine became a mother for the third time on April 25. A boy named Myron, as the singer and her husband Ilan are the names of all children start with the letter “M”. Star fully immersed in the upbringing of your child. While the singer does not need the services of a nanny, to help her relatives. But the greater responsibility lies with the Jasmine. While she tries to eldest child Margaret and Michael also did not remain without attention and love.

      Jasmine on the birth of her son: “Such joy to hold him in my arms”

      The star is very difficult given the care of three children at once. “There was one time when I went out of my mind. Margaret was unwell, had a high temperature. And I was between her and Myron. And then Mike comes up to me: “Mom, I need to talk to you on important business”. If this Myron is crying to feed him, Margarita with a temperature lying there, crying. In General, I thought, “Oh, my God! I will break apart, if so will happen each day. I’ll go crazy!” But then I got ready, took himself in hand. I just had to relive that moment” – shared the singer.

      But most of all Jasmine cared that each of her children can’t get enough love from her. She was asking advice from your grandmother, is it possible to treat all children equally. According to relatives of the star, each child can be loved … because he’s just your baby. Jasmine stopped worrying. According to the singer, the more children she has no plans.

      Жасмин разрывается между тремя детьми

      According to Jasmine, the older children were all really excited to be born Myron. The appearance of a third child even influenced the characters of a son and daughter. The singer was initially worried that my daughter will be jealous of the mother to the baby. Her husband Ilan began to communicate more with the girl and tell her that she is his Princess to little girl felt that her parents still love.

      “Now Daisy brother says: “do You want with my dolls and play? Want, take, you have my permission”. And I sometimes complain: “Mom, why isn’t he playing with me? Why all the time?” Her aunt gave Daisy a doll, very similar to a real baby. And when I fed Myron, my daughter sits next to me and also “feeds” her baby from a bottle,” – said the pop star.

      Jasmine’s eldest son Michael is very satisfied and happy that he has a brother now. According to the mother of three children, before the birth of Myron Mike was not affectionate, and now hugs constantly, wants to be around. Jasmine called starchenkov the first to say that gave birth.

      “In General, I am all children, they on me soon all three of us, I think, I will, and I will suffocate from happiness,” Jasmine admitted in an interview with the magazine “7 days”.

      The singer is in no hurry to show the face of a little Myron, so all the photographs its followers “Instagram” admire, or handles, or legs of the baby. According to Jasmine, the third child a lot like her.

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