Жасмин: «Тот, кто требует с меня миллионы, мне не знаком!» Lawyers husband will help the singer to contest the claim at 62 million. Recently it became known that the Jasmine sued. The hearing was held a few weeks ago, but due to the lack of the parties the meeting was moved to October.

      This week it became known that the singer Jasmine sued for “Illegal enrichment.” A Paul Gorbach, head of a construction company, has addressed in Arbitration court of Moscow demanding the artist 62 million.

      “The lawsuit was filed a few weeks ago – said “StarHit” in court. – At the first meeting of the parties were, so it was postponed to October of this year.”

      With singer Jasmine require the court 62 million

      However, as it turned out, the Jasmine has no idea where the claimant got these figures, what’s he complaining about and why trying to plead with her.

      “The man who sued me in court, Paul E. Gorbachev, I don’t know – says “StarHit” Jasmine. – From the Internet I found out that he reported me to the court, and the name is heard for the first time. The summons I received, but it turns out that this man did not attend the meeting. And this is all very strange. The feeling that someone is trying to tarnish my name.”

      According to the singer, friends and colleagues supporting her, comforting that this is a misunderstanding. Like, there are cases where people are suing with famous people to attract attention to his name. Before him nobody knew, and now everyone’s talking about it.

      “Now, of course, have our lawyers,” says Jasmine. Already sent a request to the court to have the opportunity to familiarize with the case materials”.

      To obtain information from public authorities, the family of the actress will only be able in a few days. And while Jasmine spends all the time in the family circle. Today she said the 19-th day of birth of the eldest son Michael. To congratulate the grandson came even grandmother of the singer. And Margaret was getting ready for brother’s birthday thoroughly rehearsed dance, learned the verse and drew a picture.

      “My dear, wonderful, smart, gentle and strong boy! Happy birthday, dear! You are an adult now and so independent, why happy and sad at the same time! Love you with all my heart and wish that you have found in this life, your happiness, your way is the only and unique! Let every challenge in your way, makes you stronger, but the soul may remain the same responsive, loving, and true! Believe in yourself like I believe in you! I know you certainly will succeed! Happy birthday, son!”, – the woman wrote on his page in Instagram.

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