Jasmine gave birth to her third child

Жасмин родила третьего ребенка

April 25, the singer Jasmine and her husband Ilan Shor was born a boy.

Today, April 25, Jasmine the third time became a mother. The singer was born a boy weighing 3350 grams and a height of 54 cm kid’s Name was chosen long before the birth, the baby was named Myron, in honor of his grandfather on the paternal side.

“That was what I was waiting for 9 long months! Today was born a wonderful kid named Myron, – the singer has shared with Woman’s Day. — Such a joy to hold him and to admire this small, but great happiness! Ahead of us is so many discoveries, so many new and interesting! Thank you to all who have supported me all this time! We are all well, fine and wonderful.”

Mom and baby are doing well, the birth went without complications.

We will remind, last autumn it became known that 38-year-old singer Jasmine and her husband, businessman Ilan Shor are ready to become parents for the second time. The pair had been raising her daughter Margarita and son of the actress from his first marriage Michael.

The third pregnancy was not planned and was a real surprise for the whole family of the singer. Jasmine did not think so soon to have another child, as the youngest daughter is only four years. But the Eastern beauty was happy when I found out the good news.

The third pregnancy was harder the star of the previous two. It was constantly tormented by morning sickness, often had mood swings.

“Misha and Margarita was simple and easy! With my daughter I played until the eighth month of pregnancy and didn’t feel anything special with this condition, – says Jasmine. — It seemed to me that those women who complain about morning sickness, mood swings, strange food preferences, just exaggerating. Now all this I received fully! Mood changes often, and sometimes radically opposite. Toxemia tormented. And those taste preferences that develop in the me in recent years and in which I was always sure, in an unexpected way has changed to very strange. Sometimes I want pickles and immediately seize them sweets, but then again I want something salty, I eat sauerkraut. Can you imagine? But I try with humor to address all these related features. I sometimes feel like the heroine of the anecdote about the pregnant” – shared the singer with Woman’s Day in a recent interview.

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