Jasmine doubted that someone like her daughter

Жасмин сомневается в том, на кого похожа ее дочь
The singer celebrated the 6th anniversary Margarita.

Жасмин сомневается в том, на кого похожа ее дочь

Daughter Jasmine Margarita

Photo: Instagram

Jasmine with her husband Ilan and daughter Margaret

Photo: Instagram

The family Jasmine — great holiday: the daughter of the singer,
which seems was born just yesterday, is now 6 years old. “My Princess already
6, can’t believe it!”— says the artist. On the day of the birth of the baby star
published in his microblog family picture with her husband and daughter. Jasmine admitted,
they Ilan still can’t understand who Margaret more
similar. “The eternal dilemma of our family and Daisy personally. She always
says she’s like a mother, but when the three of us with her and her dad
next, many have doubts about the rightness of my baby,” shared the singer.

One of the gifts for the birthday Margarita was
a recent trip to the Maldives: the family returned to the Paradise Islands on the eve

of course, he was happy! — shared with 7days.ru Jasmine. Miron during this
vacation learn to dive and to make simple sentences, e.g., “mother is coming
comes.» Margarita did yoga and tennis. And she realized how
to breathe underwater in a mask and snorkel with me and sailed far from shore
over the reefs — says the singer. Every day we went to feed the fish
huge skates, I have never seen. Margaret their
I was terrified, and Myron was interesting.”

During the holidays daughter Jasmine
decided to become a drummer, although I wanted to be a singer, dancer and
acrobat. “Once we had dinner in the restaurant, where he played musical group, —
says Jasmine. Suddenly I realized that margaritas are long gone.
It turned out, during a break she walked over to the drummer, and that took her over
the scenes, to learn to play the drum. After which Margaret, of course, want
to become like that girl. But we agreed that the daughter will learn to play on
the drums and the piano.”