Jasmine can’t cope with three children

Жасмин не справляется с тремя детьми
Some time ago a popular singer Jasmine went to a vacation together with their three children, 20-year-old Misha, a 6-year old Margaret and two year old Myron.

Жасмин не справляется с тремя детьми

The singer did not declassify the resort that decided to go. On arrival there the daughter of the actress got sick, now she’s trying to make time not only a sick daughter, but two sons.

Жасмин не справляется с тремя детьми

“With three kids sometimes makes me want to clone myself temporarily. Going on a vacation with all three, but upon arrival the Daisy of his having a cold, was cranky, and then mommy and it took a split personality. Mike to University soon, he arrived just a couple of days and wants mom to talk, to walk, to go to the restaurant. Myron constantly need my attention, but it can not be allowed to sneezing and coughing Daisy, which in turn terribly jealous, refuses to release me even for a moment, but still demands that no one bathed, since she can’t! And especially to Myron swam. In the end, we agreed that Myron is not going to bathe me, while Margarita is sick,” said the singer.

Jasmine is actively sharing with fans colorful photos on the beach.

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