Жасмин о задержании мужа: «Это недоразумение» The singer told “StarHit” about the incident. Husband Jasmine detained for 72 hours in Moldova. The artist believes it is no more than a misunderstanding and hopes for a fair resolution of the situation.

      Жасмин о задержании мужа: «Это недоразумение»

      The news of the arrest of the wife of a famous singer Jasmine Ilan Shor in Moldova, excited the public. The businessman was detained for 72 hours on suspicion of Bank fraud. “StarHit” decided to contact the artist to inquire about the incident. As it turned out, the singer is in Chisinau and believes that her husband is detained on absurd coincidence.

      “It’s a complete misunderstanding! I believe that the Prosecutor exceeded his authority. For me it’s a shock, but I really hope that by Friday everything will be resolved,” – said Jasmine “StarHit”.

      Now the artist is very worried about her husband, but believes that everything goes in their favor, and Ilana’s release from custody. Not so long ago. April 25, Jasmine the third time became a mother, so all thoughts of the singer occupied by children. All the free time she dedicates newborn baby and older daughter and son. She has a hard time to cope with all the heirs, so she tries to be patient and just go through a difficult time.

      Jasmine on the birth of her son: “Such joy to hold him in my arms”

      “There was one time when I went out of my mind. Margaret was unwell, had a high temperature. And I was between her and Myron. And then Mike comes up to me: “Mom, I need to talk to you on important business.” If this Myron is crying to feed him, Margarita with a temperature lying sobs. In General, I thought, “my God! I will break apart if it is going to happen every day. I’ll go crazy!” But then I got ready, took himself in hand. I just had to get through this time,” complained the actress.

      Fans are sure that as an experienced mom, Jasmine must cope with some difficulties that are experienced by all parents of young children. Moreover, the singer loves his children.

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