Jasmine about prison time wife: “I’m worried about his health”

Жасмин о тюремном сроке супруга: «Я переживаю за его здоровье» The actress spoke about the court’s decision. Husband of the actress is accused of major fraud. According to investigators, the businessman was involved in the theft of funds from three banks totaling $ 700 million. He’s looking at seven and a half years of imprisonment in semi-closed potenziare.
Жасмин о тюремном сроке супруга: «Я переживаю за его здоровье»

Yesterday, in Chisinau was held a hearing at which wife of singer Jasmine Ilan Shor was sentenced to 7.5 years of imprisonment in the prisons of the closed type. The businessman was not present for the verdict. Before the man became ill and he was forced to seek the help of a medical expert.

Husband Jasmine was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison

A day after the high-profile events Jasmine commented on the situation. The artist expressed gratitude to all concerned people and noted that it will continue to fight for the liberation of their loved one. In recognition of the singer, she was concerned about your husband’s problems with health. Children of the stars, too worried about it. However, close Jasmine believe that they will appeal the decision. In the coming days, the lawyers of Shor’s going to appeal.

“Yesterday’s court decision about Ilana made so far only one instance. I’m sure that the husband is innocent and we will prove it at the next hearing! Now I am very worried not only for the decision of the court – here’s the truth on our side – how much for health Ilana. This entire process and all the injustice can anyone morally to suppress. Ilan yesterday was again a bad heart, called an ambulance. Our children are also very worried about dad… But at least now, after the unjust house arrest Ilan finally free, and now for us begins the real fight for our good name and justice! We are ready to fight on, and I believe that this nightmare will soon be over… Thanks again to everyone who supports us!” – shared the singer.
Жасмин о тюремном сроке супруга: «Я переживаю за его здоровье»

Later, Jasmine wrote in her microblog that her family is now experiencing a very difficult life period. “Frankly, I’m very depressed,” said star. The actress also thanked the fans who write to her warm words of support.

We add that the spouse Jasmine has been under arrest for about a year. Before the man was placed under judicial control. Attorney Ilan Shor said he believes the sentence is too harsh businessman. The lawyer has reminded that the businessman pled guilty and agreed to make a deal with the investigation. Because the testimony of Ilana , who called the names of specific beneficiaries, failed to disclose a criminal scheme.

In turn, the prosecution also expressed dissatisfaction with the verdict Ilan Shor. The Prosecutor has considered its too soft. Previously he has asked to deprive of the businessman of liberty for nineteen years.

Recall that exactly a year ago wife Jasmine detained for 72 hours on suspicion of fraud. At that time the actress was in the capital of Moldova Chisinau and could not believe what happened. She hoped that the investigation will sort it out, and with her husband off the hook.

“It’s a complete misunderstanding! – said Jasmine “StarHit” last year. – I believe that the Prosecutor exceeded his authority. For me it’s a shock, but I really hope that by Friday everything will be resolved”.

After this news the stars of domestic show-business, who were well acquainted with the family of the singer, did not doubt the honesty of Ilan Shor. Celebrities, who included Olga Orlova, staged a flash mob in support of men. At the same time, some social media users suggested that many do not know all the circumstances of the case to make such definitive conclusions.