Джаред Лето показал голый торс на обложке Rolling Stone

Naked torso Jared Leto has long ceased to be intriguing to fans of the musician. Frontman of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars quite often shows her in a measure uploaded body, and does it on the shows, and social networks.

But Rolling Stone decided to draw attention to the cover of a naked Jared and not lost.

In an interview with journalists Summer talked about music, the role of the Joker and drugs.

Джаред Лето показал голый торс на обложке Rolling Stone

So, Jared admitted that the decision to move away from an acting career to pursue music was not easy for him. In particular because of the misunderstanding of others, with which he was faced. However, Summer has managed to succeed in one, and in another case that it can not but rejoice: “so Many people didn’t understand me. Some thought my decision is madness. Was movies which I had to refuse because of the modest tours, and people just went crazy. But some of these movies became greatest blockbusters”.

By the way, plunged into the world of music and showbiz Summer ran into temptation, whose name is “drugs”. Jared admitted that he used them in large enough quantities, but decided to give them up in favor of something better: “My experience with drugs? I used them a lot. And often it was very fun. There are only a few, which is bad. I think in some sense it is a conscious decision: do I want to become my life? I chose to go to other dreams. I think this is the main problem of most drugs: the alternative is too expensive. Some drugs give a stunning effect, but not worth the risk. Before my eyes had enough examples of what not to do.”

Yet Thirty Seconds to Mars concerts their fans are not happy but the fans have the opportunity to admire Jared in the new movie “suicide Squad”, which in the near future will be launched in cinemas. There is an actor playing the Joker. “The Joker is very comfortable during any acts of violence. I was watching real violence, tried to digest it. Watching this, you can learn a lot. And not every act of violence committed in a frenzy. Remember how you realized it. People can stay absolutely calm. They just made their choice, and then go do it. And it’s not in the heat of passion. It’s just methodical, and sometimes some sort of hypnotic and deliberate action,” says Summer mystery of his character.

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