Jared Leto gave colleagues on the “suicide Squad” sex toys

Джаред Лето дарил коллегам по «Отряду самоубийц» секс-игрушки

A living rat and a dead pig is not all shocking gifts that Jared Leto sent his colleagues on the “suicide Squad”.

The frontman of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars showed their ingenuity to surprise the actors that starred in the same project.

Apparently, Summer is fully accustomed to the role of the Joker and is still unable to overcome this character.

As it turned out, to amuse his colleagues Jared could products for sexual pleasures.

“I’ve done a lot to create some momentum, the element of surprise, spontaneity, surprise. I wanted to break all the walls between us that could be. The Joker is actually the character who does not respect concepts such as boundaries and personal space”, — said Summers in an interview with E! News at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

We will remind, the Director of “suicide Squad” commented on the rumors that the film was sent back for revision because of insufficient amount of humor.


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