Japanese Princess went to the sacrifice for a loved one

Японская принцесса пошла на жертву ради любимого Journalists report that Mako Akishino plans to get married with a commoner. Information about the engagement was confirmed by the representatives of the management of the Affairs of the Imperial court. According to correspondents, the ceremony will be held next year.

Foreign media write that 25-year-old Princess Mako Akishino, the granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, plans to say goodbye to the lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to. According to journalists, she is going to abdicate the title for the sake of a loved one. Akishino plans to marry Kay Komuro, who grew up in a normal family.

Media reported that Princess Mako have already submitted your family mate. Near the girl approved her choice.

About the second half of Akishino known that he enjoys cooking, playing the violin and skiing. They met five years ago – they studied together at the Institute. A year after the first meeting, Kay did the girl offer. Currently Komuro receives additional education at Hitotsubashi University with an and works at a law firm located in Central Tokyo. When Kay was a student, he worked in a French restaurant.

The representatives of the family Princess Mako confirmed information about the impending nuptials. “Officially we’re going to announce at the appropriate time, after they had completed the necessary preparations,” – said at a press conference the head of Department of Affairs of the Imperial court, Sinitiro Yamamoto. He also expressed regret that information about the imminent change in the marital status of the granddaughter of Empress Michiko came to the press ahead of time. “We really will be very happy, if all goes according to plan,” added Yamamoto.

According to journalists, officially about the engagement of the eldest daughter of Japanese Prince Akishino will be announced in June, and the wedding itself will take place in 2018. Other details of the ceremony are still unknown.

Princess Mako is the eldest daughter of Prince Akishino, who is second in line to the Japanese throne. At monarch also has two children., Hisahito. According to the law, become Emperor of the rising sun can only be male.

After graduating from International Christian University, the girl continued her education in the masters program of the prestigious British Institute. It is known that she is fond of reading books and fine art. Mako now works as a researcher one of the museums in Tokyo.