Japanese Princess Mako is going to renounce the title for the sake of marriage to a simple man

Японская принцесса Мако собирается отречься от титула ради свадьбы с простым человеком

Marry for love, not any king, but modern monarchs are always looking for loopholes, or choose love. That Princess Mako, a 25-year-old granddaughter of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko’s getting married. Heart girl I gave the little guy K. Komuro, comes from an ordinary poor family.

To link the fate of the man who chose her heart, the Princess will have to abdicate and get rid of his title. But, according to the publication Daily Mail, she’s ready to go for it, and now the lovers are preparing for the wedding.
Choice Mako – its coeval. They met while studying at the International Christian University five years ago, the proposal of marriage the guy made her just a year after Dating. The parents of the Princess were not to interfere with her choice and approve of the wedding of Kay. The wedding ceremony will take place next year, and then Mako will become a regular citizen and will officially leave the Imperial family.