Janina Studilina: “On the island I was shaking from fear”

Янина Студилина: «На острове меня трясло от страха»
The actress talked about what she went through while filming in the Dominican Republic.

Janina Studilina in the TV series “the Island”

Photo: TNT

Janina Studilina, who played a major role in the series “Island”, sure after what happened that now never will be shot in exotic countries.

“In the Dominican Republic is very poor
population and high crime, — says the actress. —
Of course, in tourist areas is safe, but we could not work in such
places — it’s too crowded, and we have the plot — a desert island. Remember, a little
first day we had a location on a deserted cliff. Look — the earth
around the shooting area is dotted with some colored pieces, a lot of them — 200 or
300. Ask what it is. Was — liners. I say, “it must be here for
plates shoot”. Although dishes we never found…”

But really Studilina was scared when I saw an approaching pickup truck in which sat the passengers — eight mulattoes in camouflage with
guns in their hands. “I remember I said, “Oh, the police are coming to us,” says Jan. But I
explained: this is no police — just a local came by to say Hello. Here
my heartbeat quickened, and the idea has got into the scary stories about
kidnapping. And I with all of his actor’s imagination instantly presented,
how all this will now happen. Note that at this point I was standing in
swimsuit, painted… And then our producer
says: “just In case you need to hide”. I wrapped you up in
towel so what’s left are only visible to the eye, and crammed into the bus. Together
with our girls primerami. We lay on the floor and was still. After all, foreign country,
no one to protect you can’t. Protection and we had. Actually, nothing
this did not happen — with our local talked, looked and left. All
was quite friendly. But, to be honest, I was shaking with fear.”

The next day the crew the guards came, and soon the channel TNT has decided to postpone shooting on the Seychelles, where certainly secure.

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