Janet Jackson with her son and an unknown man rest in Miami

Джанет Джексон с сыном и неизвестным мужчиной отдыхают в Майами

Recently appeared information about the fact, where they will celebrate Christmas Janet Jackson. The fact that the singer will celebrate the winter holidays with her son, turned out to be true, but the location of the media got it wrong. The other day Jackson was spotted with his son and a strange man in Miami.

Джанет Джексон с сыном и неизвестным мужчиной отдыхают в Майами

Paparazzi captured Janet on a beach in Sunny Miami, where she was accompanied by a large man in a gray t-shirt. They have a conversation.

Despite the pictures, we don’t know who Jackson will spend the Christmas holidays. Recently it became known that Janet resumed active communication with your ex. In honor of the end of his tour State of the World, the last performance which was held in Atlanta, Jackson threw a party at the STK restaurant. Was on top of her and Germaine Dupree, who, according to witnesses, he continued with Janet and was very close. 2Они were together in the vip area and hugged each other and held hands,” said a source to People. It turned out, after breaking up with Wissam al-man, singer and producer closer together. Wissam al Mana Janet been forbidden any contact with men during their relationship.

The relationship of producer and singer didn’t end so badly. “They have not talked for many years, starting to chat about a year ago. Dupree felt that hurt her. But they were reunited, and at first he supported her as a friend, when she started to divorce Wissam.”

Janet Jackson and Wissam al Mana were married in 2012. January 3, 2017 Janet gave birth to a son Issa. When the baby was 3 months old, the couple decided to separate. Wissam al-Mana was the third husband of Janet Jackson from 1984 to 1985 she was married to musician James Debarge, and from 1991 to 2000 for dancer Rene Elizondo Jr.

We will remind that on the eve of Christmas Janet Jackson revealed their plans for the holiday. The singer, with her 11-month-old son wanted to travel to London, where not only celebrate Christmas, but will spend a few days there. The only problem on the way to commit plans of the singer was her ex-husband and the father son Issa Wissam al-Mana. The man just wants to celebrate the Christmas holidays with her son. By the way, until December 17, the singer is touring as part of her tour State Of The World. On the tour she took her baby, against what al-Mana, by the way, did not mind. Bored daddy is eager to meet the child and the former, not only for the sake of the baby. “After the tour, Janet the couple can continue their divorce proceedings and return to the very contentious issue of child custody,” says the insider.