Janet Jackson showed a grown up son

Janet Jackson showed a grown up son
The singer is trying to escape from the painful divorce process.

Janet Jackson son Assay


The Miami, who came to relax on the beach, witnessed
unusual scene. On the coast arrived
although rarely seen in public Janet Jackson, Yes not one, and with his son
11-month Assay on hand. Meanwhile,
before the singer only once showed Assu that
came to light in early January. She shared his picture when he was three months. Visitors to the beach
found a young son of the singer is just adorable.

In Miami, the singer came as part of her tour, which she called a State of The World Tour. And the next performance she decided
unwind and breathe the sea air. This tour Jackson was supposed to start last year, but postponed it, due to the fact that she
finally managed to get pregnant with my first child. With nearly 50 years of Janet
took it as a miracle, so no regrets sacrificed their
concerts, to safely carry and give birth to a son. But this summer, she announced
what Asa is already grown up and she’s on the way to its prenatal form. So
in the fall, according to the singer, she decided to finally start postponed last year’s tour.

This decision she made in a difficult moment. The fact that
divorce with Wissam al manna, which she started in March
this year gradually turned into a “bloody battle”. If the original
the couple was going to peacefully agree on a joint custody of her son, now
each of them requires sole. And, in the struggle for the child, give each other
charges. Janet said that Wissam had beaten her. And in response to said
she publicly humiliated and cheated on him. What the outcome of this scandalous
the process is hard to say. Janet experiencing fear: she is most afraid of
to lose her “miracle baby” and will do anything to stay with her.