Джанет Джексон вернулась к своему любовнику
The ex-husband of singer gloats: he was right.

Janet Jackson and Germain Dupree


Janet Jackson finally satisfied
her life: her career went uphill, the son grows up safely.
But most importantly, she is reunited with her former love — Germain Dupree.

With 45-year-old music producer Janet met as much as 7 years from 2002 to 2009. She broke up with him
shortly before she began an affair with her husband Wissam al manna,
whom she is currently divorced. Dupree Jackson began to appear
almost immediately after he left al
Mann. And the last time Janet came out that she and Germain — not just friends. After
a recent concert in Atlanta (in the framework of her world tour State of the World), where Dupree was sitting in the VIP box, the pair went in one car to a party
where the couple strongly demonstrated tender feelings to each other. They are not
moved away from each other, held hands and hugged, do not hesitate
the presence of other guests.

This information has aroused the malice of Wissam al Mana. In the process of divorce, a battle for the only child is 11 month old son Asso — Janet accused al
Manu of domestic violence. And that, in response, stated that throughout their
marriage Jackson cheated on him with Dupree. And now Wissam says: what now
going on between Janet and Germain, proves him right. And it can become
for al Mana argument in the struggle for

Recall, al Mann, married to
whom she was legally married since 2012 and 2017 first years, was the third husband of the singer. Prior to that, she
managed to visit married to singer Jomsom De Barge and video Director Rene Elizondo.