Janet Jackson reached out to fans on his page in the social network

Джанет Джексон обратилась к поклонникам на своей страничке в соцсети

For the first time in many months American singer Janet Jackson reached out to fans on his page in social network Instagram in the form of a video message.

“Hey, Hey, guys. It’s me, Jen, if you didn’t recognize me. I really wasn’t too talkative since the birth of the child. I thank God for everything and especially for him. He is healthy, so beautiful, so sweet, so lovely, such a happy baby..
This message was originally intended for something else but will get to that in a minute. I just want to tell you what’s going on in my life. D, I broke up with my husband. We have already filed documents in court, now all in the hands of God,” said Jackson, and immediately said that the resumption of her tour is interrupted because of pregnancy, will happen faster than expected.
“I decided to change the name of the tour on the State of the World Tour. This is not about politics, but about people, the world, relationships and love.. I can’t wait, when will see you from the stage,” said Janet.
Recall that according to the marriage contract signed with Wissman al mana, after the divorce, Janet will receive $ 200 million – 100 million in more than five years of marriage, and the same for the child.