Janet Jackson made a statement about divorce after the birth

Джанет Джексон сделала заявление о разводе после родов 50-year-old singer reached out to fans. In early April, foreign tabloids reported a breakup Janet Jackson and her husband Wissam al-Mana. Only now, the artist decided to comment on the parting with her husband.

The third of January, 50-year-old singer Janet Jackson for the first time became a mother of a charming baby. She was overjoyed that they had with the spouse was a long-awaited son. However, three months later, the press began to talk about what in the relationship of artist and businessman from Qatar Wissam al Mana is not so smooth. Fans have been waiting for any information from the singer, but Jackson stubbornly silent.

Apparently, now a famous pop diva has decided to openly talk about what is happening in her family. She has published a video that appealed to all concerned fans. The actress did not hide that is currently experiencing not the best period in your personal life.

“Yes, I broke up with my husband. Now we solve all the questions in court, and the rest is up to God,” admitted Janet to his fans.

Fans were pleased that the artist has made no official statement. They expressed sympathy over the fact that Jackson and her husband are splitting up after five years of marriage. Followers upset that raising baby is not brought spouses to a new level.

“It is sad for your breakup, but hope that you will be happy and healthy. You look great”, “Very sorry to hear that you and your husband were separated. You both looked so good together. Judging by the photos, I can tell that you had a lot of love and you both are amazing parents. Your child is absolutely adorable. I wish you three all the best. You looked beautiful. Yes God bless you”, “You still look gorgeous no matter what! Congratulations on a wonderful son! Love you!” – written by fans of a celebrity.

Janet also shared her news about how her son is growing. She admires a lovely kid and is doing all that he was happy and grew up surrounded by love and care. Child Janet Jackson will continue to live with mother after divorce

“It’s me, Jen, if you didn’t recognize me. I’ve changed a lot after the baby is born. He is healthy, beautiful, sweet, loved and happy child,” said Jackson.

Pregnancy and childbirth, the actress was forced to postpone some performances and touring. However, now she is ready to continue the creative activity and neterpeniem waiting for vstech with fans at concerts. Fans were excited for the return of the singer on stage. Previously, they fully supported her decision to suspend work to enjoy time with his son.