Janet Jackson lost more than 20 pounds

Джанет Джексон похудела более чем на 20 килограммов
The singer leads in shape ahead of the resumption of performances.

Janet Jackson


As reported online edition etonline.com for
the last time Janet Jackson was able to significantly postroynet. In total, as
according to a source, she dropped more than 20 pounds.

Janet, who in January of this year for the first time
became a mother, it is not easy to go to her child. 50-year-old singer suffered from
serious complications of pregnancy, so the doctors ordered her on bed rest
almost for the whole period of gestation son Ass. And Janet, which, moreover,
“overfed” drugs, very much
recovered. As reported, she gained more than 40 pounds
excess weight. But the first time after the birth of a child, Jackson was in no hurry
to lose weight, it was necessary to take action, and she
almost all of the time given to the care of a tiny son.

However, once in April, Jackson
decided to part with the child’s father is her husband Wissam al manna,
she apparently decided it was time to do them. Janet started going to the gym
hall and village on a diet that yielded the desired result.

In addition to the desire again
look good, Jackson had another reason for wishing to return to their
prenatal form. The fact that it’s been announced that she intends to return to
the performances on stage.Janet announced that the first show of her tour that was cancelled
last year in connection with pregnancy, will be held this fall. In particular,
the first concert will take place on 7 September in the city of Lafayette (Louisiana).