Janet Jackson hinted that her husband beat her

Джанет Джексон намекнула, что муж ее избивал
The singer threw her fans into shock.

Джанет Джексон намекнула, что муж ее избивал

Janet Jackson


Wissam Al Mana


At a concert held at the Toyota Center in Texas, the singer was upset
their fans. The fact that after completing the execution of one of the songs
she burst into tears on stage. But most of all confused all the tears Janet Jackson followed directly by the song about “domestic violence”.

“How about what you did to
me? Do you remember how you beat me in the face? As I begged you to stay?” —
here are the lines from the song that made
Jackson uncontrollable
to burst into tears. If you consider the fact that
currently, the singer is divorcing
her husband, Wissam al Mana, many involuntarily raised the idea that
the song was about her relationship with her husband. Moreover, in beginning his speech,
Janet said: “It’s all about me!”

If the suspicions of the loyal fans of the singer, something
the events of the last years of life, Jackson becomes more understandable. Before
only if Martin had really let myself raise a hand to the singer, it’s
explains the fact that giving birth for the first time in 50 years, she decided suddenly to leave her husband, when her long-awaited little son was only three
months. Besides, Janet, in General, still has not explained what prompted
its such an act. After all, it used to be that she was married to al Mann for
big love…

We recall that Janet and Wissam married in
2012, and their marriage was strictly classified. Al Mann has already become
third husband of the singer. The first time she was married to singer James De Barge
whom she lived in wedlock from 1984 to 1985. And the second spouse was
Mexican Rene Elizondo — since 1991 at the
The year 2000.