Джанет Джексон скрывала, что родила ребенка в 18 лет

Apparently, what is patient confidentiality and ethics family doctor family Jackson Conrad Murray is unknown. The doctor (if it even can be called that) recently made a shocking confession about hormone therapy, which took Michael Jackson as a teenager, to slow down puberty and thus did not allow his high voice to mutate. Today, Murray tells a new mystery, which this time relate to Janet Jackson.

50-year-old singer, as you know, is now awaiting the birth of her first child. For the sake of the future baby, the singer even took a break from his tour to keep health, but also to protect the child from all dangers. But, Murray says that actually, the child born soon, will be Janet’s not the first. The doctor says at the age of 18 years of age Janet became the mother of the girl.

Conrad remembered his friendship with her first husband Janet James Debarge, whom he met while in prison (the doctor in jail for giving Michael Jackson a lethal dose of painkillers – approx.ed).

Murray argues that Debarge told him that it had recently learned of the existence of his daughter.

“I always felt that part of me is missing. Now everything fell into place“, – said the former husband of Janet Jackson.

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