Janet Jackson has shared the first photo of his little son

Джанет Джексон поделилась первым фото своего маленького сына
Fans of the singer are arguing, who looks like a child.

Janet Jackson and her son Asa

Photo: @Instagram janetjackson Janet Jackson

subscribers microblog Janet Jackson discussing first the son of a small
Assy, which has published yesterday the singer. The photo shows Janet, who keeps
in the hands of a sweet yawning baby. Fans of Jackson are now arguing who more
the child is like.

Incidentally, many came to the conclusion that Jackson is not
accidentally revealed the first picture of the son only now, after she
announced that decided to end their marriage with the father of the child, Wisam al Mana
the lawful wife of which was five years ago. What exactly broke up
the couple, not officially reported. However, as argued by friend Jackson,
Janet was not able to adapt to the dictatorial manners of the spouse in
tried to isolate her from friends and family… And all this time — since I was born Eissa, Janet
almost never seen outsiders.

The first time she appeared in public only a couple of days
ago. Random people on the streets of London, barely identified in a complete woman
wrapped in a dark shapeless clothes of the once svelte singer. As it became
you know, Janet had gained during pregnancy about 45 pounds that are
she wants to get rid of.

But the extra weight is not its main problem. Jackson lies ahead
a difficult divorce, during which she and al Mana have a section
state of Wissam, which is about a billion dollars, because
it seems that the couple has no prenup. Moreover, it is unclear how the couple
decide the issue of custody of your son.