Janet Jackson has revealed plans for Christmas

Джанет Джексон раскрыла планы на рождество

On the eve of Christmas, the stars reveal their plans for the celebration with family and friends. Singer Janet Jackson with her 11-month-old son for the holidays to come to London, where not only celebrate Christmas, but will spend a few days there.

Джанет Джексон раскрыла планы на рождество

The only problem on the way to commit plans of the singer was her ex-husband and the father son Issa Wissam al-Mana. The man just wants to celebrate the Christmas holidays with her son. By the way, until December 17, the singer is touring as part of her tour State Of The World. On the tour she took her baby, against what al-Mana, by the way, did not mind. Bored daddy is eager to meet the child and the former, not only for the sake of the baby. “After the tour, Janet the couple can continue their divorce proceedings and return to the very contentious issue of child custody,” says the insider.

At the moment Janet wants to seek sole custody of Issa due to the behavior of the former husband. According to the singer, not once did he insult her and even used brute force. With baby artist copes and does preparing for the holidays. She went to more than one store to find the perfect gift for my son. “Janet is very happy to be a mother. Such joy she has never before experienced,” says the source.

After a small vacation with her son, the singer plans to return to work. “She has a mind to send a tour to Asia next year. These performances have made her very happy, and now she feels 20 years younger,” says the insider.

Джанет Джексон раскрыла планы на рождество

Take any hard work, Janet has refused to perform with Justin Timberlake at the super bowl. After the famous singer Justin Timberlake with a fun video from Jimmy Fallon announced her impending performance at the super bowl, fans started to wonder again whether scandalous blowing Timberlake with Janet Jackson? As reported by the official representative of the singer — it will not.

Edition MusicLyricZone reported that Janet refused to speak with his counterpart at the 52nd Superbowl. To compete for the title of champion of the NFL players in February 2018. — “She’s all happy, — said the representative of Jackson. — She wants Justin, great show. They have something to remember.”

Indeed Janet was afraid to be back on stage with bare Breasts. The fact that the Duo has already performed at the super bowl in 2004, which is remembered by the audience and performers scandalous incident. Together with them, took to the stage as the band plays, rappers Nelly and P. Diddy. the Duo spoke during the break between the two halves, and when there was confusion. Jackson took to the stage in a leather suit, which is kept intact by means of many rivets that gave it a special refinement. Justin jumped and writhed around his colleagues, singing the fateful words “by the end of this song, I’ll take off your bra.”