Janet Jackson has posted the first photo of son

Джанет Джексон опубликовала первое фото сына

After separating from her husband, Qatari millionaire Wissman al mana, American singer Janet Jackson returned to public life. On his page on Twitter, the actress shared the first photo of his baby son Issa.

Photo appeared on the page Janet just a week after the official announcement of the separation of the pair. The picture shows Jackson holds his 14-week old son and kisses his wiacek.
“My child and I after sleeping” — she wrote on his page in the social network.
Recall that last week, Janet moved out of his London home. If she decided to settle in his apartment in new York is yet unknown, because journalists and the public, Janet’s not too talkative. But the Media found out that another two weeks before the couple announced their breakup, Jackson asked the governing her penthouse in trump Tower to change the locks, and new keys to give only to her, and in any case, neither her spouse.
One of the reasons for the breakup, think that Wissam is a private guy, and even Muslim, not accustomed to his woman and the mother of his child openly dressed, and long absent from home. The artist is on stage in fact, from a young age, not surprising that in the few years of marriage, their way of life she could not change.