Janet Jackson fled from London with a child

Джанет Джексон сбежала из Лондона с ребенком
The singer didn’t want to see Wissam al Mana.

Looks like the sister of Michael Jackson, which
spent quite some time in the UK, decided to move on the other side of the ocean. Janet Jackson was spotted at the airport in new York. The singer arrived in the U.S. not one, but numerous
retinue and with his 5-month-old son Assai, which she carried in her arms gently
pressing to her. Janet, who scored while she was carrying a child, very
a lot of excess weight for the last time markedly postroila. However,
it was impossible not to notice that the singer looks very sad…

Recall that Janet gave birth to ASU in January
this year. It would seem that the singer was completely happy, because
she dreamed about the baby. And here’s her dearest wish finally came true
when I turned 50 years old. But soon after the birth Assy became
it is known that Janet broke up with the father of the child, his legal wife of Wissam
Al Mana. Moreover, she announced that she is divorcing her husband.

The singer claimed that her divorce
only “friendly”. However, it soon became clear that it is not so simple.
Wissam absolutely not satisfied with the fact that Janet was going to get the full
custody of the child. Indeed, in this case, he has got to be just right
visit Assi. So, he would be able to see my son not as often as would
he wanted. And al Mana has made it clear that he would fight in court for ASU. The friendship between the former spouses ended. Say, their relationship is so strained,
what Janet said, he doesn’t want to see Wissam. And to make the probability
contact al Mana is even less, decided to move to the US — until that time…