Janet Jackson can make good money on your divorce

Janet Jackson can make good money on your divorce
Became known the details of the marriage contract of the singer.

Janet Jackson and Wissam al manna


50-year-old Janet Jackson, of which
to part with her husband — Wissam al manna became known in
the result of the divorce can increase his personal fortune by more than two times.
About it reported the Internet-the edition pagesix.com.

According to the informant of the edition, Wissam
and Janet, are played strictly securechannel wedding in January 2012, still
there is a marriage contract. Moreover, by its terms, Janet is waiting for a more than respectable
compensation. As personal as al Mann is about a billion
dollars, he could afford to be generous in drawing up the contract. In
according to this document, because she stayed married to Wissam
five years, Jackson is owed $ 100 million. And
another 100 million it should receive
because she managed to complete another item of the contract is to give birth to his
spouse son Ass. That is, taking into account all payments, at the end of the divorce on her
the Bank account will be 200 million more. Considering that for their
career, the singer managed to earn 150 million, the state will increase 2.3

We will remind: about the pregnancy with Janet was
known in March last year, and then the singer called the fact that she was able
to conceive in 49 years, “the real miracle”. However, just three months after
the birth of a son, Jackson decided to end their marriage. Allegedly, she went for it because could no longer
to endure doktorskie habits of her husband, who sought to control every
step. The last straw of her patience, was that Wissam
forbade her to appear on the street without full Muslim clothing and insulated
her friends and relatives.