Джейн Сеймур призналась, в чем секрет ее идеальной внешности

Джейн Сеймур призналась, в чем секрет ее идеальной внешности

Jane Seymour is an American actress, who this year turned 68 years old. Despite this age, she looks gorgeous, her figure can only be the envy of some young individuals. Throughout his life, Jane insisted that he never asked for the help of plastic surgery. But recently, in one interview, she admitted that constantly deceived the public.

For their operations in the face of the actress told in a very mysterious style. She doesn’t reveal his secrets, just explained that he always tried to make it so that it was not clearly visible. Most fears are created for her Botox, she’s an actress, for such professions are important emotions, and this procedure can to hide them. “Then I would be able to play the characters?” — said Jane. Also a celebrity openly said that always increased her chest, this thing she made up her mind solely for the sake of her husband. At the time, Seymour thought with lush Breasts she will be able to save your marriage. Unfortunately, it was not the size of her Breasts. Over his 68 years Jane was married four times, the same times and divorced. Her first marriage was a mistake, in her opinion, this was first love, which broke out in the theater’s chief Director. Officially, they’ve been married only 2 years and broke up. Second husband was the best friend of the past of her husband, a relationship with him lasted only one year. Fortunately, from the first two marriages the woman has not had children. Third her husband was a large businessman, with whom she lived for 11 years and they raised two children. Her last husband was actor and producer James Keach, with whom she had twins. Last marriage lasted the longest – over 20 years.

At the moment the celebrity is not free, she is in a relationship with 70-year-old British Director. However, she clearly knows that marrying him will not go. The first four of marriage had taught her that the most important in family life is the feeling of happiness with a loved one, and a stamp in the passport, it is useless.

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