Джейн Фонда: «Я не надеялась дожить и до 30 лет…»
The actress celebrated the 80th anniversary generous gift.

Jane Fonda


Jane Fonda starring for
his life in almost 6 dozen films, was awarded 5 nominations for the top prize
Academy awards and two Oscars, not to mention numerous other prizes, for a long time
recognized as a living legend of Hollywood. But as it turned out, she Jane in her younger
years even could not imagine that she would live to this age.with

The daughter of actor Henry Fonda and
socialite Frances Seymour Brokaw, who committed suicide when Jane was
only 12 years old, I was sure that I would die young. “I even had not occurred,
that I can live up to thirty years. Besides
I was sure going to die alone from some “overdose”. The
the fact that in 80 years I’m still alive, active and preserved the health of it amazes me
and I’m extremely grateful for that fate…” confessed Jane, the former in
youth activist of the anti-war movement that divided in many ways, the ideals of the hippies.

“I’m glad I,
it seems possible to become better: I don’t judge people and learn to forgive. But it
took a lot of work. If you ask me how to imagine
now your perfect day, I would say: walk,
then the gym and after the evening reading a book!” — proudly said Fund,
which in his age had managed to keep a great figure and full of energy. However, Jane admitted that she relied
not only the effect of a healthy lifestyle, but also resorted more than once to
plastic surgery. Using the last of them, according to the actress, she
was when she was 72, modifying the oval of the face and removing the “bags” under the eyes. “I
just tired to look tired, even when I wasn’t!” –
commented Fund. As regards her 80th birthday, she
marked by his generous gesture, donated 1 million 300 thousand dollars – to help
needy families of adolescents.