Jane Fonda has accused his father of bulimia

Джейн Фонда обвинила в своей булимии отца

Often the Western stars suffering from bulimia or anorexia blame for his illness external factors in the form of agents or agencies (if we are talking about models), but Hollywood actress Jane Fonda believes declares that her bulimia was driven by his father.

Джейн Фонда обвинила в своей булимии отца
78-year-old actress, and for her age looks great in his youth was an icon of fitness. Slim waist and long legs were her trademark, no one guessed that behind the beautiful exterior is a serious struggle with food disorders. Practically all of her life Jane was trying to restore normal nutrition, impaired as she says, her father Henry Fonda.

Джейн Фонда обвинила в своей булимии отца
“When I was a teenager, my father sent me stepmother, and she had convinced me of the need to lose weight. I was forbidden to wear short skirts, because in them they thought I was fat. Stepmother told me that if I would ever find a boyfriend, I need to lose weight” — said the actress.
Jane was only twelve years old, when her mother Frances Ford Seymour committed suicide. Shortly after his father married a second time, the future actress began bulimia. Jane remembers that he vomited, sometimes, twenty times a day. The body simply did not eat food. It lasted till 35 years of age.
“Three out of four of my stepmothers had the same problems with food,” said Fund. It is unknown what was the cause – fashion for a thin waist or a life with the father of Jane, but the latter definitely had an impact on the actress.

“I grew up in the’ 50s. I always thought that my OEC better knows how a woman should look like, and for me important were his words. He was a good man and I adored him, but he instilled in me what the father should teach his daughter: While you’re not perfect, nobody will love,” said Jane.
Recently, the Fund decided to undergo plastic surgery, and, according to her fans, only made it worse. Yes she is and she is not happy with the result.
“I’m not proud that I had the surgery, but I blame their childhood complexes. It seemed to me that if I’m not slim and beautiful, I won’t love” — admitted the actress.


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