Джейн Фонда арестована за протесты в Вашингтоне

Джейн Фонда арестована за протесты в Вашингтоне

Actress and activist Jane Fonda was arrested October 11, because she protested at the Capitol in Washington, DC. In the presence of a large audience, Jane was taken away by the police.
Nearly fifty years after her infamous arrest in 1970, the police again took the 81-year-old actress and activist Jane Fonda — this time for what it October 11, held a protest action against the climate crisis in the country at the Capitol. Jane can be seen as she climbs the steps of the Capitol, all dressed in red, with a sign.

Джейн Фонда арестована за протесты в ВашингтонеA group of people headed by Jane shouted: “What do we want? Climate justice! When we want to? Now! — she cried a few times, and the crowd enthusiastically joined in. Another video shot by Mike Valerio, shows the moment when police escorted Jane from the steps of the Capitol, holding his hands behind his back. When she was with the police, the crowd welcomed her and one protester shouted: “We love you, Jane!” Jane has participated in the protests, one of these was called “Friday fire training”, as she called this meeting in his blog.

“Said Greta Thunberg: “Our house is on fire”, and we must act. Inspired by Greta, a youth climate impacts, as well as moral Mondays the Reverend Barber and frequent daily protests against apartheid Randall Robinson, I
moved to Washington, D.C. to be closer to the place where the most passionate personality in the fight for the environment,” wrote Jane Fonda in his blog on his web site on October 10. “I promise that in the second month of the winter I will be holding weekly meetings on Capitol hill to demand action by our politicians to resolve a very dangerous environmental situation in which we find ourselves. We can’t afford to wait.”

This is not the first time Jane has problems with the police. In 1970, the actress was arrested on charges of drug trafficking at the airport in Cleveland, Ohio, when he returned from antiwar protests in Canada during the Vietnam war.
Later she was released after “suspected drugs” were vitamins.

In 1972, Jane traveled to the Northern region of Vietnam to speak out against the military activities of States in the country. It is known that a longtime activist, Jane has also spoken out against the policy of trump, and apparently has no plans to stop
political activity in the near future.

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