Jane Austen could have died from arsenic poisoning

Джейн Остин могла умереть от отравления мышьяком

The famous British novelist Jane Austen, the author of the novels “Pride and prejudice”, “persuasion”, “Emma” and others, could die from arsenic poisoning. To this conclusion came the members of the British library.

According to BBC News, the experts came to the conclusion that at the end of life, Jane began to lose vision, as evidenced by three pairs of points are still stored in the library.
“We assume that she could be poisoned by heavy metal, for example, arsenic, which causes cataracts,” said Sandra Tappen, who served as curator of the British library.
It is also known that Austin suffered from rheumatism, the treatment of which in those days was treated by small doses of arsenic. Scientists believe that this poison caused the premature death of the writer, who died in 1817 at the age of 41 years.