Jan Rudkovskaya shocked his colleagues by their actions

Яна Рудковкая шокировала коллег своими действиями
The son of a famous producer became the singer.

It seems that Yana Rudkovskaya decided to light another star is no less bright than
Dima Bilan. She began producing her own son Nicholas,
who is only 14 years old. Moreover, that the project was successful, Rudkovskaya have created a duet of son with ex-soloist of the popular band M BAND Vladislav Ramm.

Two young musicians named own style
R’n”b-show. Nikolai Baturin is going to perform under his real name
and under the pseudonym Kolyas.

Nikolay Baturin admitted that the idea to do a duet with
Ramm came to them both at the same time. Earlier the guy seriously engaged in football,
but now I’ve decided to invest hand at a musical career.
Song was written by Vladislav Ramm. As recognized by the children themselves, “the song fashion:
for girls”. In the near future, the Duo plans to begin filming the video.