Джейми Оливер отправился в Италию и рассказал о своем наставнике

Show Jamie Oliver’s watched almost every. Now the celebrity chef travels around the world and this time went to Italy to have a good rest and be enlightened. HELLO! talked with Jamie at his Studio in London and learned a lot of interesting things. In particular, the chef talked about the mentor and Italian cooking.

The reason for the trip to Sunny Italy was the age of… “Three years ago I turned 40 years old, and I don’t particularly like it — laughs Jamie. I always thought, “I am no longer young but not yet old. Who the hell am I?” My friend and mentor, the Italian of Gennaro Contaldo, then reached 66 years of age — also a kind of crisis. We talked and realized that we needed to go somewhere to unwind,” says Oliver.

Along with mentor Jamie traveled to Italy in search of the “nonn” — older Housewives, whose recipes are delicious and can vanish into thin air. met companions in his youth Oliver. Then a future chef, dreaming about the culinary skill, learning which helped Gennaro. “It was in the days when, as he says Gennaro, I was too young for cappuccinos. (Laughs.) I graduated from the Department of cooking in College and my classmates shared plans — listed great chefs with whom he wanted to work. I said, “I Want to do the best pasta in the city.” Then all laughed at this idea, but my friend is Italian said, “don’t pay any attention to them, you get your boss Gennaro, Contaldo, he will help you”. And gave me contacts. Gennaro was my mentor, he subsequently “kicked” me: said it was time to move on. At first he looked out for me, and now I’m looking out for him.”

To elicit cherished recipes from Italian Mature Housewives was worth to be patient. One of them even fell asleep during one of the takes because of their age. But the team Jamie gave up and got a lot of interesting stories from life. And patience cook helped to gain their own grandmother. “Our family always did all the cooking. Grandma used to make pudding with beans. In the summer it added to the pear and asparagus and winter cabbage and zucchini. The dish was one thing, but variations abound. We have in England in the winter almost as cold as you have in Russia. So fatter from the food we never refuse.”

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