Jamie Foxx fell into disgrace because of the ridicule of sign language

Джейми Фокс попал в опалу из-за насмешек над языком жестов

Jamie Foxx has lost part of their fans. In a recent broadcast talk show with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” Oscar-winning actor was just joking around and thereby hit the epicenter of the scandal.

Now the artist is engaged in promotion of the new TV show “Beat Shazam”, and in the course of the conversation with Fallon was doing some motion with his hands, mimicking the sign language for the deaf, and in fact they had no meaning. Of course, people who use sign language for communication, was offended by the artist, and began to write his indignation on the pages in social networks.
“Mr. Jamie Foxx. I’d be happy to give you a few lessons on body language, that you looked even funnier” wrote Fox colleague Marley Matlin. Of Naila dimarco, a deaf model who won the contest “dancing with the stars” and “Model American,” called Jamie’s words “disrespectful” and bewildered reacted to the decision of Jjim Fallon to use such a program.
“Jimmy Fallon, how could you let this happen? Where cultural sensitivity? To laugh at the disease to other is not a Comedy” — wrote of Naila.
A public apology from the Fox until it was.