Джейми Фокс и Кэти Холмс поженились в Мексике

Relationship Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx is shrouded in mystery. The press cannot find out any details about this couple, because all we can expect – statement close to them informants.

So, a few days ago, insiders talked about the fact that Cathy and Jamie decided to go to Mexico, where they celebrated the birthday of Holmes.

It turns out that in Mexico was held another Grand event namely wedding.

Confidential informants told the couple exchanged vows on the same day as arrived in Mexico. It happened on a private beach right on the sand with the waves.

If you wonder how the ex-husband, Holmes responded to the wedding of the actress, I hasten to calm down he was glad. It is known that about the wedding, mom said Tom cruise daughter Suri. She sent dad some pictures to which Tom responded with congratulations message.

At the moment, the media discussed the question of whether Cathy and Jamie to celebrate the wedding of a magnificent Mall.

Some publications write that the party on this occasion will be organized in Los Angeles, and it will feature Leonardo DiCaprio, Jay Z and beyoncé, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, etc.