Джейми Фокс и Кэти Холмс обменялись ароматами

Expensive cars, luxury houses and jewelry — all this can afford the stars and purchase them as a gift to loved ones. The existence of a Bank account filled with millions, allows the stars to present gifts, even simple acquaintances. But Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes know that the main thing in the gift is not its cost, and the care with which I approached him. celebrity decided to show love to each other and exchanged scents of their own making.

Jamie Foxx has created a unique perfume which was presented to his sweetheart. The smell is not to compare with anything, because he’s special. The perfume mixed smell, which, in the opinion of the artist, more suited Katie. On the portal Page Six said the head of the company Scenterprises sue Phillips, producer copyright perfumes in new York.

Says Phillips, the story is not over. After Jamie visited them herself Katie, who was delighted with the gift and also decided to please his beloved. “She came to us, and we had a very nice individual counseling. And then I asked her to create something special for Suri and Jamie, and she agreed,” sue said portal Page Six.

Earlier the public was stirred up the news about the separation of the stars, but the spokesman immediately denied the rumors. After joined the insiders who talked about their assumptions.

“Each of them have always lived independently, but they tried to see at the earliest opportunity. Both of them are not used to the distance: long breaks in meetings is not uncommon for them. Their relationship remain private and hidden from prying eyes. You will not know about them because Cathy and Jamie don’t put relationships on display,” explained an insider.

Another insider told ET that the Fox is now in Atlantic city, where this weekend will come and Holmes, her daughter Suri is resting in the summer camp.

Prior to that, insiders truthfully told about the breakup, even presenting reasons. Katie is especially difficult to trust men. Moreover, she is raising daughter Suri cruise. “Katie just could not solve some issues with confidence,” said the insider.

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