Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner was born a girl

У Джейми Дорнана и Амелии Уорнер родилась девочка

Now the family of Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner three girls! The couple had a third child. The couple, already raising Dalsi five-year and three-year Elva

У Джейми Дорнана и Амелии Уорнер родилась девочка

This Sunday Britain celebrated Mother’s Day. Amelia created the instagram post, which was timed to the holiday. In it she told about the new addition to the family. The star posted a touching photo, which depicted three pairs of booties. “Impossible much proud of their stunning girls. It is such an honor to be their mom! Feeling incredibly lucky”.

In August last year for the first time talking about pregnancy with Amelia when I noticed her changing figure. In a couple month, good news confirmed the official representatives of the stars. Three children Dornan doesn’t want to stop, because he was madly in love to be a father. “Part of me is inclined to think that it would be necessary to take a break after the birth of her third child. But then I realize that we overlook the really lovely children. And if my wife wants, we will continue to do as long as we can. It all depends on her. My job is simple”,
— he declared.

Recall, after the movie “50 shades of grey,” Dornan began to drag in an affair with a colleague at the picture of Dakota Johnson.
“Maybe it sounds not very good, but we are like brother and sister. Besides, I’m married to Amelia. We Dakota close enough and know each other, and we definitely have a mutual respect,” says Dornan.

Is that Dakota and Jamie purely friendships no doubt. Johnson is Dating the lead singer of “Coldplay” Chris Martin. The actress has already introduced new boyfriend with her father, actor Don Johnson. Journalists of the newspaper The Sun managed to find the impression of the don from their Chris first met. According to him, Chris is a talented man, and his priority to make her happy.

“He’s a great guy. In any case, each of us wants their children to be happy, no matter how it happens. Chris is a talented musician. I saw them in concert in a small club “the Troubadour” in Los Angeles, my daughter glowed with happiness,” said don Johnson told reporters.

Rumors about a romantic relationship between a performer and an actress appeared in November 2017. Them a couple of times spotted together, but it could not confirm their romance. A couple of days before new year Dakota and Chris noticed at the airport of Charles de Gaulle in Paris, which confirms their relationship. According to the insiders, the lovers spent a few days in the capital. The town they left together, and carefully concealed from photographers.

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