James packer spoke after breaking up with Mariah Carey

Джеймс Пэкер высказался после расставания с Мэрайей Кэри

This year was not the best for singer Mariah Carey. Her boyfriend, billionaire James packer broke off the engagement, but the wedding they were going to play this year. The two halves as does not comment on their breakup, but a year field gap, the billionaire spoke of the newspaper The Australian called his relationship with the singer a “mistake.”

Джеймс Пэкер высказался после расставания с Мэрайей Кэри

Beautiful Maria it was him in the difficult moment, when the company billionaire had difficulty. Then was the most suitable moment to start a serious relationship with a bright star like Carrie. But still the man went on his heart and began to spend all my time with sweetheart in Los Angeles. He tried to please the singer and not to leave her alone, while his company demanded the attention of billionaire. They met thanks to Brett Ratner, his business partner who introduced them, and laid the Foundation for this relationship that soon the businessman has called a “mistake.”

“She was kind, interesting and fun. Mariah is a very bright woman. But this novel was her big mistake was a mistake for me,” said packer, in an interview for foreign publication The Australian.

The businessman admitted that he had proposed to his beloved in order to”put down roots” in America and spend more time with the children from his second marriage. ‘I was trying to build the business in North America, which would be closer to their children. The journey was not pleasant. I really hurt is far away from them. But I don’t want to be in Los Angeles at the moment.” said in an interview with packer.

Джеймс Пэкер высказался после расставания с Мэрайей Кэри

But the biggest blow for her was that her former partner regrets the breakdown of his former marriage. After Mariah and James stopped being friends, he became close with his ex-wife Erica, with whom and had children. ‘It was my biggest regret to prevent the disintegration of his marriage to Erica. But what happened is what happened. My ex-wife copes with the children, and we are on excellent terms.” continued the billionaire.
As recognized by the man himself, he just needed someone’s support and kindness when I was terrified of debt, which overtook his company. At the moment he is focused on how to reduce them and completely get rid of.

A whirlwind romance, James and Mariah lasted 18 months and ended in the fall. The businessman did not skimp on expensive gifts to his sweetheart that would attract her attention. It also attracted a public which did not skimp on opinions about such gifts. For example, the engagement James gave his mate a ring worth $ 7.5 million. Prepared a Grand wedding, the celebration of which Mariah a dream, but her dreams were not destined to happen.

The exact reasons for this sudden rupture has not been disclosed, but an insider has not stinted on their assumptions. “James has always had big doubts about the new reality show, Mariah, and the fact that she was willing to share details of their lives with the world, gave him to understand that their relationship must end.” Recall that this spring the singer decided to start his own reality show Mariah”s Squad.