James packer prevents the happiness of Mariah Carey with a young dancer

Джеймс Пэкер мешает счастью Мэрайи Кери с молодым танцовщиком

Mariah Carey with every passing day deprives us of the chance to understand all the twists and turns that happen in her personal life.

As you know, this summer, Carey was preparing to marry James packer. After a couple of months an Australian billionaire is not going to marry the singer, arguing your increment is too active social life Carey, to which he was not accustomed, and adultery, which afforded the singer.

Star of stage, of course, was offended by such action of the groom, because I wanted to charge him $ 50 million because he brought the case to the end, although she calculated to be his wife.

A few weeks ago Mariah confirmed that her ex-fiance was right when he said that she fell in love with another man. The chosen singer was dancer Bryan Tanaka.

It would seem that Until now, and Mariah wasn’t supposed to have anything in common, but packer couldn’t just give up my ex-lover.

Discarding all the cases, the businessman rushed to the concert Keri, which she gave in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Packer even went backstage to meet the singer. According to eyewitnesses, they were very happy to see each other: even now difficult to predict on whose side the sympathy of Cary – Packer or Tanaka.