У Джеймса Нортона новая девушка

The star of the movie “Komatosnye” James Norton often changes girls, it is very difficult to follow. Many are still confident that the British actor is Dating Jesse Buckley — his kinocentre in the TV series “War and peace” from the BBC, where they played Andrew and Mary Bolkonsky. In 2016 they were spotted kissing at various events and occasions, and now it seems the actor is Dating Imogen Poots is a British actress with whom he plays small London theatre Donmar Warehouse in Belleville performance.

Insiders report that Jessie Buckley Norton broke up this summer. The newly minted first a couple of Norton and Imogen noticed walking around London, where they turned the corner and started kissing. Their feelings are so strong that they never even noticed the camera paparazzi. Maybe so Norton wanted to show that he has a new passion. “They seem very in love. They are clearly relaxed in each other’s company,” — said the publication the Daily Mail one of the witnesses of the kiss.

Oddly enough, in the play Belleville British actors play lovers. To play on the stage of love they were not a burden and the image of a loving couple was given to them to cheer. “Between James and Imogen have a special chemistry. They love each other, and they didn’t even have anything to play,” said one critic.

But not only personal life Norton passes rapidly, but career is over. According to rumors, he will get the role of agent 007 in the next film about James bond. Indeed, Norton is an excellent choice for this role. Actor Daniel Craig has confirmed his participation in the film “bond 25,” which should be out in 2019, but in an interview with Stephen Colbert said that this is definitely the last time. “I decided that if I plan to tell the truth, we must admit it to you. I want to leave on a high note,” — quotes the words of Craig the Huffington Post.