James McAvoy donated 60 thousand dollars a cancer patient girl

Джеймс МакЭвой пожертвовал 60 тысяч долларов больной раком девочке

Promotional tour in support of the new film starring James McAvoy “Split” came to an end. The actor returned to his native London, where he started to do good. The star of the franchise “X-Men” has been in the hospital Royal Marsden Hospital in London, where he met one of the patients of the institution Kelly Turner.

In the course of communication with Kelly James found out that in October 2015, the doctors diagnosed her with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. 16-year-old Turner has already completed 9 cycles of chemotherapy, which have so far not yielded significant results. Despite serious illness, family Turner was faced with another problem – the Public health service of the UK reported that can no longer Finance the treatment of the girl, because now the family had to rely solely on their strength.

Of course, this news became a bolt from the blue. But the family did not give up and announced the collection of funds for the treatment of Kelly, so she could take a course in America. Your contribution to future recovery of the girls did and McEvoy. He gave the family 60 thousand dollars. In total, Turners need to collect $ 1.2 million. Exorbitant amount…