James Franco will shoot a lesbian vampire drama

Джеймс Франко снимет лесбийско-вампирскую драму

James Franco hit the stage direction. Behind announced a project called “the World of tomorrow, where will star Milla Jovovich, Snoop Dogg, and Lucy Liu, Franco takes up another job.

Today it became known that James will stand at the helm of the film “In the arms of death”, which in turn is a remake of the eponymous painting in 1996 with Ivan Sergei and tori spelling.

Despite the fact that the film is announced as a remake, the plot it still would differ from the 1996 film.

In the original painting it was about a couple in love and the mother of a girl who decided to test the young man’s past and discovered that in a fit of rage he had poisoned his previous passion. Franco wants to create “lesbian-vampire drama.

By the way, in addition to directing duties, James will take over the functions of the protagonist.

The start date of the film is unknown.


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