James Franco is suing the paparazzi

Джеймс Франко судится с папарацци

Famous actor and writer James Franco will sue the photographer David Tonnesson, who were not fortunate enough to capture the artist in Hollywood cemetery, where Lana Del Rey gave a concert. James did not like that it is removed, and he found nothing better way to give the photographer a blow to the head.

The incident occurred in October 2014 in the cemetery Hollywood Forever Cemetery. According to documents filed in the superior court of Los Angeles, David worked at the concert of Lana Del Rey and shot the singer who came to listen to her guests. According to the plaintiff, James “demonically smiled” and rushed at him, “knocking and striking the head and in the stomach.” The reporter fell, “curled up in pain and shock”, and Franco furiously continued to bash the paparazzi, and then laughed and walked away, leaving a photojournalist on the ground.

Now James will have to answer in court for causing “severe physical and psychological trauma” and forked out to cover the moral damage. The representative of Franco declined to comment.