James Franco: “I’m a little bit gay”

Джеймс Франко: "Я немножко гей"

James Franco

April 19 James Franco turned 38 years old. In honor of this, the magazine New York Magazine published a big interview with the actor (and Director, producer, writer and artist), from which we learned a lot about the birthday boy. So, James openly talked about their sexual orientation and admitted that he doesn’t like to think in stereotypes, speaking about his sexuality:

If you decide I’m gay or straight based on who I sleep with, I think you can take me to those who like to tease men,— said the actor.

Джеймс Франко: "Я немножко гей"

Franco admitted that he never had sex with men, but “close encounters” he allowed himself and allows you to:

When I try to squeeze themselves into some definitions, all my senses are rebelling against it. Yeah, I guess I’m a little gay. It’s the other side of me — gay James.

Джеймс Франко: "Я немножко гей"
James Franco for New York Magazine

Джеймс Франко: "Я немножко гей"

The last words of the star apparently treated his book of poems, released last year, with the provocative title Straight James/James Gay (“Straight James/James is Gay”). In this book, in addition to poetry, Franco has also published conversations with himself, in which he speculated about the nature of their sexuality.

The fact that Franco is so concerned with this theme, it is quite clear: the rumors about a gay actor, despite his stories to the girls, have been circulating for years. And the actor only adds fuel to the fire: playing gay in a movie ( “Harvey milk”, “My name is Michael”) and he removes “themed” films (for example, “Interior: Sado-Maso gay bar”).

Джеймс Франко: "Я немножко гей"
James Franco and Zachary Quinto

A few days ago at the Tribeca film festival premiere of the film “King Cobra”, in which Franco starred in one of the main roles (the actor also acted as the producer of the tape). The film tells the story of gay porn stars and his relationship with his producer and, according to critics, turned out very Frank.

And if we had questions, why is so fond of Franco to star in such movies and kiss with men, now seems to be all cleared up.

Джеймс Франко: "Я немножко гей"

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