James Franco adapted a novel about the scalphunters online

Джеймс Франко экранизирует роман об охотниках за скальпами

Actor, Director, writer and even teacher James Franco decided to film one of the best American novels of the late twentieth century.

The star of the movie “the Interview” is taken for the creation of a film based on the book by Cormac McCarthy “Blood Meridian, or the crimson Sunset in the West”, which refers to the border of Texas and Mexico, and the bandits who hunt for scalps.

This will be the second experience of cooperation with Franco the author of the work, McCarthy (started James with the fact that the filmed novel living classic in 2013 – “Child of God”).

It is reported that in the new film, in addition to directing features, Franco wants to take over and acting. In the role of someone James will appear on the screen, is not specified.

In addition to his role in the new version of “Blood Meridian” has received Tye Sheridan (“mud”) and Vincent D’onofrio (“the Judge”).

The only stumbling block at the beginning of the work on this project is that the producers have not yet acquired the film rights to the novel.

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