Джеймс Кэмерон раскритиковал седьмую часть «Звездных войн»

Legendary Director James Cameron was unhappy with the view of the seventh part of “Star wars.” My unflattering review he left the publication Digital Spy.

“I believe that the six films are shot George Lucas was much more interesting, more inventive and bolder. In the seventh part of the picture John.John.Abrams uses techniques that we’ve seen, and also characters that we already know. The new characters it introduces too careful” — praised the work of colleagues “father,” “Avatar” and “Titanic.”
Cameron also said he respected the work of Abrams and sincerely hoped that the next series of the franchise will be able to surprise everyone. James also admitted that it may not be very objective in assessing the tape because many years is friends with Lucas.
Recall that the movie “Star wars: the force Awakening” appeared on the screen in December 2015, and grossed over two million dollars. Next, the eighth part of the franchise will come to the screen in December of next year.


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