James Cameron has accused the Oscar bias against blockbusters

Джеймс Кэмерон обвинил «Оскар» в предвзятости к блокбастерам

Last year after the announcement of list of applicants on “Oscar” in Hollywood rebelled. The reason for this was the fact, compete for the main statue of the American Academy mostly did the filmmakers with a light skin color. Black celebrities outraged by discrimination based on their skin color and called on all who support them, to boycott the ceremony.

This year, thank goodness, this situation is not repeated. Apparently, the jury members learn from their mistakes and more so they do not intend to repeat. But now the discontent among filmmakers emerge on another occasion.

In particular, James Cameron said that “Oscar” biased towards action, i.e. movies that are really interesting to the public.

The Creator of “Titanic”, which is included in the list of films that received the most nominations in the entire history of Academy awards, says that the members of the American Academy snobs who dictate the rules and ignore the simple interest of the audience to certain films.

“Yes, a few times in the history of “Oscar” films are well received by the Academy, but the Academy usually takes this position: “Our duty as aristocrats to tell the mob what to watch” and does not reward movies that people really want to look for which they are willing to pay money,” said Cameron. “Film Academy as if saying, “yeah, you think you like this, but you really have to like it here” — protested James.

In some ways he’s probably right, isn’t it?