James Cameron believes that the hero DiCaprio in “Titanic” was not likely to survive

Джеймс Кэмерон считает, что у героя Ди Каприо в «Титанике» не было шансов выжить

Probably no man in the world who would not shed tears in that moment, when rose (Kate Winslet) said goodbye to Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and released it into the depths of the ocean at the end of “Titanic.

Despite the fact that since the release of the film on the big screen it’s been 20 years, the audience still blame the Director James Cameron in a too sad ending.

On this account even held a research which purpose was to prove that Jack and rose could have fit on the piece of wooden door and thus be saved together.

In particular, do the guys from the show “Mythbusters”: in the course of the experiment, the door is really beginning to sink, when the experimenters climbed it together. Then they decided to tie their life jackets to the back of the door so that it could withstand the weight of two people. And they did it!

But Cameron was not so positive to this idea and said that under those conditions in which there were Jack and rose, to do this trick, they were just not able to do: “OK, let’s play. You Jack, you are in water whose temperature is about minus two degrees, your brain begins to suffer from hypothermia. “Mythbusters” suggest you remove your life vest, take the vest off and rose, to dive under the door and somehow magically hang jackets, which means you’ll be under water for about 5-10 minutes, through which you, in any case, will die. So it wouldn’t work. His best chance for salvation was the hope that someone will pick up, and yet he could only try to keep your body above water as possible.”

Personally, we think that Cameron is right. As you know, the Director of “suffering” meticulous in preparation for the creation of his films, because before to shoot this scene, he certainly studied all possible variants of salvation and managed to leave alive only the Rose.